Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Making Slow Progress

The embroidery is not going well :(

A trapped or pinched nerve somewhere in my body is playing havoc with my fingers. They are tingly and feel numb, occasionally cold, and it's hard to grip anything for long, so I have had to embroider in short bursts only.  I have experimented with holding the embroidery hoop in different ways, but there is only one way to hold a needle!  It's more frustrating than anything else, because I really want to get this project finished and framed. If anyone is reading this and knows of a clever notion to address this problem please let me know.

It's also affecting other areas of my life.  The other week I couldn't get the lid off a jar of coffee, so I ended up drinking tea for a few days.  I hate being this helpless, so am pretending that I have purposefully switched to drinking tea as part of some New Year resolution to ease off on the daily full strength caffeine intake!

On a more positive note I remembered batteries for the camera, so will upload embroidery pics later.

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