Saturday, 30 July 2011

How Long?

Whilst clearing out the under stairs cupboard the other day, I found an unfinished piece that actually pre-dates my eighteen year old son.  I don't even think I was pregnant when I started it, so it must be nineteen maybe even twenty years old.  It was a birthday present from one of my friends and was a complete kit. I reckon it is about 80% completed, but sadly I no longer have the pattern or any of the silks. It needs a little wash and I'll post a pic tomorrow in case anyone passing by my blog might recognise it.  In the meantime here's always Google!

Merry Spring

Yes I know it's Summertime, but I am very excited to have actually finished a small cross stitch project.  It is the Very Merry Spring pattern that I was gifted by Lisa at Lisa's Stitching Addiction.  I used a variegated thread in shades of cream through to cherry and it looks lovely.  I managed it over three evenings, if my hands were not so painful it would have taken less, but I am delighted with it. xI will be off to the local gallery next week to find a nice frame for it. Will post a pic later.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

I Got RAK'D :-)

The most lovely thing happened to me yesterday.  I got a small envelope in the post with handwriting that I didn't recognise and from an area with which I have no connections.  In a sea of bills, circulars and pizza shop flyers, this was a welcome change.

Inside was a cross stitch chart that I was in the process of purchasing from another Blogger. I had got as far as providing my address details and had enquired about sending payment.  But here in the envelope was the chart!  I spotted a little card that said 'You've been RAK'd . Enjoy!" For anyone who doesn't know, this stands for Random Act of Kindness.

The lovely Lisa over at 'Lisa’s Stitching Addiction' blog had popped it in the post for me. How nice is that?! :-) Thank you so much Lisa, that was very kind of you indeed.

I am really looking forward to stitching it and when it is done and hanging on my wall, I can look at it and be reminded of when someone I know only through the exchange of a few posts on a shared hobby, did something really nice for me. :-)