Thursday, 27 October 2011

Felt Up Again!

I have been enjoying making the flower brooches and hanging hearts and have worn some of them to work, where they always attract comments.  Whether this is because people like them, or wonder what on earth I am doing with a couple of layers of felt pinned to me, I don't know!

Here are a few of the small flowers.  Each has a brooch back sewn in (not glued) for strength and are all hand cut and hand stitched:

The large ones are machine cut and would work well pinned to the bottom of a scarf, or the side of a hat

These hearts would look great hanging up somewhere, or maybe on a bunch of keys.  With colours this bright, you could never lose them in your handbag!!

Work in Progress

I have a number of WIP's, some half done, others done but not framed, and they are all stuffed into my craft bag (which is actually a bag for patchwork I'm told, but it holds everything in one place and it has a see through top so I can see what's in there!). There's even a few crochet yo-yo's in there that I might actually get round to doing something with one of these days.

Here they are: